Welcome everyone!

Here just a few notes about this website: I started this website long ago for a little research project during my BA (the preserved traces you can find under "Paired Associations of German"). It was all about linguistic priming (i.e., accessing the word "banana" more easily when I talk about a "monkey" in contrast to "car") and we needed associated word pairs. Then, during my MSc in London I used it as a blog to tell my beloved family back in Germany how rare rain in London actually is and how beautiful the landscape of Britain can be (and, of course, how cute baby sheep are when they are tottering around right in front of you). The posts are all collected under "Masterplanberichte". Now I use it as a platform for datarts. Let's see what comes next!

If you want to know a bit more about myself keep reading - otherwise explore and enjoy!

After a BA in General Linguistics and English Studies with lots of interdisciplinary research fun I studied at UCL for an MSc in Language Sciences with specialisation in language development. Now I'm looking at cross-domain influences of word and action learning during infancy back in Goettingen. Basically, this means that I'm studying how the hopping of a bunny can influence our learning of the word "rabbit" during early childhood (maybe it's supporting to know more about this little fluffy thing? Or is it rather distracting? Or maybe it doesn't matter at all?). This means doing lots of fun studies and lots of playing during the day (and calling this my job - ha!). If you have any questions or suggestions just drop me a line!