Welcome everyone!

You're probably here because you found a link to the materials of my studies - that's great! I just started this collection of materials here, so please let me know if something is not clear etc. Also, if any other questions arise or if the video doesn't work please feel free to contact me.

I recently did a study on children's preference-based word and action learning. If you like movements, will you learn actions for objects? And if you like words, will you learn words for actions? Turns out: words are reaaaally strong. Check this app for more information:

  • Preference-based word and action learning
  • In all my studies, I use weird germs as "non-objects", think of weird words as "non-words" and use actions that noone knows. This is all because I study learning: learning of words and learning of actions. Here are some example videos.

    Examples of a training trial
    Eiteljörge, S., Adam, M., Elsner, B., & Mani, N. (in prep). Early preferences in word and action learning.